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Patch 5.1 bêta pour Europa Universalis 3 : Divine Wind
Écrit par Roms6 le lundi 07 février 2011 à 17:30:45
Europa Universalis 3 : Divine WindParadox Interactive a mis en ligne un premier patch pour l'extension Europa Universalis 3 : Divine Wind. En version bêta, il procède à de nombreux rééquilibrages du gameplay, et apporte son lot de corrections de bugs.

Toute guerre étant quasi-mondiale dans cette extension, quelques améliorations concernent les réactions de l'intelligence artificielle aux jeux d'alliances. L'IA devrait maintenant moins souvent s'engouffrer dans une guerre vouée à l'échec, ou encore être plus réticente à participer à l'agression d'un allié. Tout comme dans Victoria 2, beaucoup d'éléments de l'interface sont désormais accessibles via les raccourcis clavier. Enfin, les problèmes de performances selon le niveau de zoom, et divers problèmes de crashs, devraient être résolus.

Le patch pèse 19 Mo, se se récupère sur les forums du jeu.

Europa Universalis 3 : Divine Wind v5.1 beta changelog

- The AI is far less likely to join losing wars or countries that can’t handle fighting the war.
- AI is no longer interested in buying non-cores inside the empire if not a member.
- AI will no longer diplo annex countries inside the empire unless he got cores on them. Will still annex if he can keep a large share of it.
- The AI will disband troops it cannot afford
- AI is now far more reluctant to ally with someone at war.
- Ai is a bit more reluctant in joining in with agressors against someone else that is their ally.

- Improved the effects of the #3 & #4 government buildings.
- Ttweaked up magistrate gain a little bit again.
- Improved vetting, ecumenism, viceroys , siege corps & land of opportunity ideas.
- Despotic monarchy is now a fair bit slower to change its sliders to balance it versus feudal monarchy.
- Non-nomads can no longer annex nomads. (and vice-versa)
- Mercenary pools now upgrade over time when not used. Ie, no more latin knights filling it up.
- The emperor now gets a core and some reduced infamy for taking a province off agressors.
- Red priority will now only make sure you keep 2 merchants in a cot.
- Fixed loophole that made it possible to destroy other countries manufactories.
- Building things in your national focus restore parts of the magistrates when the building is finished.
- Every time a colony gets a trade goods picked, they gain one magistrate.
- Nomad tribute now expires properly, both when the original country no longer is a nomad, and when they are not neighbours anymore.
- Positioning is now properly capped in naval battles.
- Morale damage in navalcombat is no longer x100.
- Going bankrupt now clears all tribute relations.
- China can no longer get conquistadors or explorers unless the eunuchs are in power.
- Starting fleet is now scaled by techgroup.
- Civ/horde CBs now also apply to tribal_democracys
- Hordes can no longer claim defender of the faith.
- Annexation is not always immediately accepted anymore.
- Going bankrupt now lowers the size of your fleet to below force limits.
- Vassalizing japan while daimyo’s are still around is now far more costly.
- Vassals or junior partners of a union can no longer claim the defender of the faith.
- You only get compete chance from your leaguemaster if you have similar or lower badboy.
- You can now put your own vassals in your sphere of influence should you so desire it.
- A country getting vassalized will now break all its unions it is in.
- Alliances for vassals will now expire properly. (ie, one with others than their overlords.)
- The japanese emperor can no longer be inherited by outsiders.

Interface Improvements
- Added shortcut tooltips from v2
- Added movement arrow upgrades from v2
- Fixed a tooltip error for lesser union partners in sphere mapmode.
- Improved detailed tooltip for cultural tradition change.
- Owned province reduction on compete, from targets is now displayed properly as 0-100 instead of 0-1.
- Remove-core effect is now shown even when you don’t have a core on that province.
- Loans will now properly offer the option to pay/extend at reload, even if game is saved while dialog is up.
- Advisor death message now lists the title of the advisor dieing.
- Changed highlighting on the infamy toolip.
- Improved display of troopsizes in the military ledger page.
- Culture decisions will no longer clutter the history log.
- Sorting now works on countries on the leader ledger page.
- Gaining revolt risk directly from events is now colored red, not green.
- Cav to Inf ratio is also shown as tooltip over cavalry value in a selected unit.

 User Modding
- The command secede_province now takes previous_owner as an argument
- Added support for set_province_flag & clr_province_flag in province history.
- Added a 'trade_range = yes/no' trigger.

Setup & Scripts
- Grain depot changed to is_core = THIS from is_core = yes
- Joan of Aragon now belongs to the de Trastamara dynasty.
- Trent now joins Kingdom of Italy in 1809.
- A few rulers are now properly Bonaparte's.
- Capital of Bourbon is now Moulins.
- Changed kampaku decision since the ai doesn't handle the old one anymore
- Changed "mining_act" decision to require tax assessor anywhere in the country
- Changed "Corruption in the church" to require treasury_office instead of tax_assessor
- Changed "reduce_inflation" mission to require treasury_office instead of tax_assessor
- Changed tax_assessor to treasury_office in prices.
- Fixed "improve_the_han"
- Fixed population error in 1021 - Settsu
- Changed ownership of Sakhalin and the Kurils from JAP to FUJ
- Province capital of 238 - Essex changed to Chelmsford
- Fixed and tweaked the Wokou event-chain for Korea
- Fixed and tweaked events and decisions for Manchu/Ming/Korea border raids
- Restore_holy_see mission gives a temp claim and rewards with papal relations.
- Rewrote the "Mughal Nation" decision for hordes
- Event 6007 "A formal request" only fires if the emperor is not at war
- Event 6007 "A formal request" now gives the emperor one of two messages depending on the outcome
- Restore Holy see mission now cancels if EITHER rome is owned by papacy or you are no longer a catholic.
- Changed the capital of province Hessen to Marburg
- Changed the capital of Hessen to Kassel after 1567
- Fixed event 6415 (tax assessor)
- 10033 gives shogun influence, not HRE
- Fixed bug in "restore_emperor" decision
- Changed capital of Schwaben from Augsburg to Memmingen
- Fixed bug with "Manchu Alphabet"
- Fixed bug with "MASTER_OF_INDIA" achievement
- Added french cores to Dauphine, Languedoc and Toulouse
- Added french core to Rouergue
- Fixed typo in AUG - Augsburg.txt
- Rewrote the Hindustan nation decision
- You will not get the mission to colonise austrialia if you dont have it.
- Some trading missions now check for trade range.
- Plsen no longer gets a weird population spike in its history file.
- Discover mission will no longer appear repeatedly for countries with quest but no port.
- Fixed "Provincial Taxation System" decision
- Tweaked event 746 (province defects) for hordes
- Twekaed "dissolution_of_the_monasteries" decision
- Removed shogun bonus when JAP is united
- Fixed text in Widespread opposition event.
- Fixed text in legitimacy questioned event.
- A new event to let countries that discovers Japan discover the province of Kyoto
- Rewrote the events for unlawful provinces. The Emperor now returns it to the previous owner unless he has a core or it being a neighbour province and the emperor has low badboy
- Flags set in history files for Pisa and Siena to avoid the unlawful territory event
- Fixed bug in Braveheart event
- Fixed a few minor database errors.
- Event 716 should only fire when aristocratic
- Removed Shipyard from Naval tech 24
- Removed royal palace from gov tech 35

Stability & Performance
- Optimized render code
- Tweaked view distances for better performance
- Clicking the save game tab no longer takes forever if you've got a couple of saves
- Enforced only 1 achievement available of each type in the savegame.
- fixed crashbug when shift + right clicking on the before dragboxing / clicking on land
- fixed Game crashes when attacking the enemy fleet.
- fixed exit crash in history database
- fixed the crashbug when starting with a country that has had a province name changed in its history.
- fixed a crashbug with resigning and reloading savegames with heirs that have become monarchs.
- Becoming another country will not crash the game if you have trade rights.

- Inland sea now works properly again.
- Revokable reforms status is now saved in savegames.
- Trade access from gold is no longer causing weird modifier displays.
- Fixed a few issues with governments being set wrongly for newly formed countries.
- Fixed a bug which could cause lesser union partners to steal the leader sometimes at reload.
- Natives at Hokkaido & St.Barthelemy are now properly attackable.
- Empty_province mission scope will now ignore wastelands.
- Fixed daimyo peace score bugs
- Fixed load bug in shogunate
- fixed Manufactory GFX vanish after reload
- fixed Icons linger on the map when centres of trade are destroyed.
- fixed When a unique building vanishes you need to reload to build another one
- fixed The Shogun does not appear to lead alliances when dealing with minors.
- fixed Naval Movement arrow goes wild.
- fixed Impossible to become a shogun.
- fixed Conquests does not give prestige
- fixed One sided infamy in the peace UI
- fixed Declaring war on Daimyos when at war with foreign nations.
- fixed Don't allow DOWs in JAP when your have troops on their land
- fixed Daimyo WS modifier not factored on peace screen
- fixed Stability hits when called to arms.
- fixed Invisible, invincible army acts as a fleet and blockades some ports.
- fixed Icons don't expire
- fixed Prestige gains rounding.
- fixed Yearly prestige decay is not working properly.
- fixed Invisible unit
- fixed Title: Nationalism not working properly now works on your cores
- fixed Japanese straits, naval control and military access.
- Added a missing "a" to building tooltip.
- Fixed a couple of typos in building tooltips.

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